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I was following Kyle's video tutorial on how to add Google Analytics script to a WordPress website. All well and good, but in the Thesis Theme.
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Ok, so I'm totally confused on this and am looking for help.

Creating a PHP template file with includes for header, navigation and footer

I have a site that is loading really slowly. I tracked the source of the slow load time is this call right here:. Funny thing is that it's getting added right after the html code. I've looked all through my code in the Thesis theme, and I can't find where that code is being added.

How to create widgets in your thesis theme

As soon as I did this, the script code went away. But for the life of my, I cannot find the piece of code that is doing it.

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Has anyone had this problem before? Thanks for the help. In this case, it looks like it's an issue with the supercache plugin. When it wasn't activated, the code isn't added. When it's activated, the code is added.

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  6. Thesis still uses them. Instead of static file templates, though, it uses a drag and drop user interface UI that allows you to build templates. So at this point, you should understand that you are not dealing with template files.


    Save $87 By Making A Free 'Thesis' Wordpress Theme Clone

    What Thesis does is allow you to determine which UI templates represent specific types of WordPress web pages being loaded in the browser. Then, based on the alignment and configuration of the boxes in your templates, which are actually just data , HTML structures are built and delivered to the front-end based what page is being loaded. Thesis follows the same patterns but just uses different methods no pun intended, for those who get it.

    Most everything you would normally do with static template files and code, you can do in the Thesis Skin Editor UI. While almost every WordPress theme to ever exist uses the mandatory style.

    2. Footer Scripts

    The end result is one final stylesheet called css. Oh yea… I should probably mention those strange CSS values you see in the picture, huh? Those are variables! While the Thesis CSS editor does have some advanced preprocessor capabilities, what you see here is simply the default functionality of the editor.

    Customizing Thesis Theme For WordPress

    CSS properties and values can be stored in variables and used throughout the CSS editor just like you would use a variable in programming languages for basic tasks. No more searching and replacing in thousands of lines of CSS just to make simple changes. Pretty cool, huh? Go ahead and check it out.

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